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Sleeping well in Maldormir 

The rooms between 2 waters are located on the banks of Thau Pond 900m from the Mediterranean beaches, in a peaceful and natural setting within a protected area, called Natura 2000. This environment allows many animal and plant species that live in ponds and gourgs to thrive and have a great ecological interest. This neighborhood called Maldormir will soon be forgotten when you enter! The beauty of this place is unique to spend a pleasant stay while enjoying the attractiveness offered by the city of Marseillan.  The villa was built more than 30 years ago in a Mediterranean architectural style. It has recently been renovated for your comfort while retaining its authentic charm.

The pool 

Located at the back of the residence, you can relax and have breakfast. Breakfast consists of various pastries, jams, tea, coffee and fresh fruit juices that can be served by the pool when the weather is mild. Benoît, the head chef of the house, will make you, if you wish, a personalized breakfast according to your desires.

Relaxing means petanque  

What better way to relax with a game of petanque with friends or family? The olive trees will shelter you from the sun to have fun and quench your thirst around an aperitif.

Visit the surrounding area with ease  

From our house, you can bike ride on the bike paths along the pond Thau or those that lead you to the sea.